Area 25 Kansas

This is where you can register for the conference and donate to Area 25.

What is the Conference?

Every year the A.A. groups, A.A. districts, and Area 25 as a whole gather together for our annual conference. This is the time when A.A. members, their families, and their friends throughout the state of Kansas, which is Area 25, meet to celebrate sobriety. The arrangements are made by the Conference Committee made up from the trusted servants of Area 25. This is YOUR Conference.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Conference Committee, please plan to attend the conference and find out more about it from the current committee. A great way to start is by volunteering. The committee will be employing the help of many volunteers. If you would like the opportunity to be of service for the entire state of Kansas, please volunteer this is your chance. Be sure to check the volunteer box on the registration form.

What are Contributions?

This is where you can submit contributions to Alcoholics Anonymous at the Area level.  If you have found our website useful, read the Grape Free Press, or found useful any of the services provided by Area 25 Kansas, please consider making a contribution to help support us. Our Seventh Tradition states that we are fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions, so if you are not a member of A.A. please do not contribute, if you are a member here's one way you can express your gratitude for what A.A. has given you.